Try Nile Threads for 100 Days and If You Don't Like Them, We'll Take Them Back. No Questions Asked.



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The Best Pillowcases in the world. Treat your Face and Head to Royal Comfort for Many Nights to Come.
Try them out - they'll feel better than your first sip of morning coffee. 

The specifics...

  • Pillowcases come in powder white
  • 600 thread count (threads per square inch)
  • Each set comes with two pillowcases


Egyptian Cotton - The best in the world - straight from Egypt.



Single Ply - Results in sheets that feel airy and soft, but are still strong.


Sateen Weave - The most luxurious weave available results in extra softness. Woven in a 4 over 1 under pattern, compared to the lower quality Percale Weave which is constructed in a 1 over 1 under pattern.