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Why Egyptian Bedding is a Worthwhile Investment

Egyptian cotton is well-known for its silky-smooth and long-lasting softness. Not only is it high-quality, but it is also one of the most luxurious cottons that you can find anywhere in the world. So, it’s not surprising that it is considered the perfect material for bedding. While it is relatively expensive as compared to other cottons, it is certainly worth the investment.

Why Egyptian Bedding is a Worthwhile Investment

Egyptian cotton is the gold standard when it comes to luxurious bedding. Some refer to it as the perfect combination of luxury and comfort. Following are some of the key aspects that make it a worthwhile investment:

Among the Longest Cotton Staples

Staple is a term that refers to the length of the cotton fibers. Longer staples mean stronger or more durable fibers. Egyptian cotton fibers are among the longest of all cotton fibers. This is ideal for making sheets since the longer fibers can be combined to create a fine yarn that has more luster than other cotton fibers.

Higher Thread Count

Thread count is the number of threads that weave together to create one square inch of the bedding. Higher thread count means the sheet is of higher quality. Thanks to their staple length, Egyptian cotton fitted sheets tend to have higher thread counts than most other cotton sheets.

Less Pilling

Pilling refers to the tiny pills of fabric that are not only uncomfortable but also very unsightly. Pilling is very common in lower quality bedding or sheets that have lower thread counts. This is less frequently the case with Egyptian bedding. The Egyptian cotton plant has longer fibers and they produce little to no lint, which means pilling is highly unlikely.


Anyone who has trouble sleeping comfortably when hot or suffers from night sweats, will certainly appreciate the breathability that the luxurious Egyptian bedding has to offer. When sleeping on your Egyptian fitted sheet, you will rest comfortably throughout the night thanks to the enhanced air flow of Egyptian cotton.


Egyptian bedding lasts longer as compared to other materials when it is properly cared for. It features tight fiber weaves that are designed to last for years. It is recommended that you wash your Egyptian cotton fitted sheet on a weekly basis so that it is clean of dust and dirt. Dust and dirt in the sheet break down the fibers causing the bedding to show signs of wear faster.

Cost Effectiveness

While the initial cost of Egyptian bedding is relatively high, it can easily outlast cheaper types of bedding, sometimes lasting decades. So, in the long run, it costs considerably less over the span of its lifetime. This makes it a worthwhile investment.

In conclusion, Egyptian cotton bedding is a must have for anyone who wants to spruce up their bedroom, while ensuring comfort, durability, and reliability. If you have never experienced the virtually perfect experience of sleeping on Egyptian cotton bedding, then you are in for a real treat – one that you will enjoy for many years.