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Guide: When Buying Egyptian Cotton

Egyptian cotton is becoming more and more popular nowadays thanks to its quality and reliability. Back in the day, Egyptian cotton was quite an expensive commodity that only very few could afford. Since it wasn’t something regular folk could purchase, there weren’t many places to find products made from Egyptian cotton. However, the times have changed. Consumers have discovered the comfort and luxury of this cotton and are seeking it at a reasonable price.

Egyptian cotton is a species of the cotton plant family that is specifically grown in Egypt, along the Nile River. The area surrounding the Nile Delta has a climate that is perfect for cultivating cotton plants with extra-long, very fine fibers, commonly known as staples. Egyptian cotton includes Extra-Long Staple (ELS) and Long Staple cotton varieties. Egypt supplies a lot of the ELS cotton to the world. Thanks to the extended fiber length, Egyptian cotton can be spun into a high-quality yarn that is luxurious, soft, very absorbent, and more durable.

Egyptian cotton is usually handpicked by local growers and then combed to preserve the fiber’s integrity. As compared to large-scale mechanical picking, handpicking leaves the cotton fibers intact and straight and does not add stress to them.

Buy Only Pure Egyptian Cotton Products

When you are choosing Egyptian cotton bedding or other products featuring Egyptian cotton, it is highly recommended that you look for pure cotton products that  may be a little costlier compared to products made with mixed fibers. 100% Egyptian cotton bedding offers comfort throughout the year. It holds a layer of warm air under the covers during the winter season and it is fairly cool in the summer months. Furthermore, pure Egyptian cotton is also almost incomparable in its ability to absorb moisture. This quality equates to very absorbent products like bath robes and bath towels, which are also very soft. Hence the reason why Egyptian cotton is used to manufacture these high quality products.

Don’t Forget to Consider the Thread Count

Thread count is also an important aspect to look out for when buying Egyptian bedding. Thread count refers to how many threads of cotton are weaved together width-wise and lengthwise into an inch of fabric. 200 is generally considered the starting point of a good quality thread count fabric. Since Egyptian cotton is more durable, comfortable, and softer than other types of cotton,  200-thread count bedding made of Egyptian cotton will be of superior quality than many other cottons. Egyptian bedding and other relevant products with a thread count higher than 200 are also available. Although they offer more quality, they are costlier options since the higher the thread count, the more expensive the product.

Beware of Fakes

Unfortunately, not all Egyptian bedding, sheets, linens, and other relevant products available on the market are real. Some brands and manufacturers take advantage of the term “Egyptian cotton” but sell low-quality products. The good news is, there is a way to distinguish these low-quality products from the real thing. It is important to research the manufacturer in order to ensure you are buying a high quality product and, if possible, find out where they are sourcing from.