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What is Egyptian Bedding?

With a wide variety of cotton available on the market, choosing the best bedding can prove to be overwhelming. A lot of consumers decide to buy products featuring Egyptian cotton without actually understanding what this material is or whether or not the claim is accurate. Others avoid Egyptian bedding altogether as they see it as nothing more than a buzzword used to mask low quality products.

So, what is Egyptian cotton? Is it real or fiction? Well, Egyptian cotton and Egyptian bedding is indeed real and it is actually one of the most luxurious and hard wearing materials on the market. You just need to make sure that you know a bit about its background as well as what to look for when buying products that feature it, e.g. Egyptian cotton sheets., to make sure that you are actually getting the real deal.

What is Egyptian Cotton?

Egyptian cotton is a unique form of cotton. Its scientific name is Gossypium Barbadense and it solely grows in one specific place: the fertile soils and the moderate climate of Egypt's Nile delta. Thanks to the ideal growing conditions there, the cotton has evolved to develop a longer fiber staple, which means the thread produced from the fibers will be thinner as compared to other types of cotton, hence resulting in higher, sumptuous thread count products.

Benefits of Egyptian Cotton Bedding

Egyptian cotton products are relatively costly but the quality you receive in return is amazing. Not only is Egyptian bedding gloriously soft and incredibly durable, but it is also less likely to produce piling or lint, and it becomes softer with washing and age and is much, much lighter as compared to short staple cottons. Because of this, it is refreshingly breathable during the summer season and still insulating during winter thanks to the many thread counts that are generally over the 600 mark.

Egyptian bedding can greatly benefit the user. Because of their excellent tendency to take in water, colored Egyptian cotton sheets maintain their vibrancy when cleaned, keeping the room looking fresh and new

Things to Consider When Buying Egyptian Bedding

There are certain things you should take into consideration when buying Egyptian bedding. This will help ensure that you are indeed buying the real thing and not some other form of long staple length cotton. Following are some things you should keep in mind:

  • Choose a really soft fabric
  • Make sure that the threat count is at least 300 or above. This is the minimum requirement of a luxurious, comfortable feeling product.
  • High price of the bedding is usually a good sign as Egyptian cotton products are not cheaply made.

Although there are manufacturers and brands that use the term “Egyptian cotton” as a tactical piece of jargon to sell generic products, this fabric is indeed top-quality and isn’t limited to bedding only. Egyptian cotton duvet covers, Egyptian cotton bath towels, Egyptian cotton sheets, and many other products now populate both online and tangible shelves of competitive retailers.