Sleep: My Time Away From Time

Strangely sleep that activity in which we will spend a third of our lives, remains largely a mystery. We know that sleep is important. The fact that an activity which demands we lay dormant and vulnerable for hours on end, has survived through evolution is testament to sleeps vital importance. And yet this haunting mystery looms over the strange everyday of human experience.

Our brains are as “awake,”and active sleeping as when we are conventionally thought to be awake. So how can we justify such an unjustified waste of time?

Holly Books refers to sleep as a “taste of death,” and for much of my own life this was my attitude towards it - reluctantly reverent and accepting of its necessity. But as time passes and more and more I experience the hustle and flow of everyday, the endless passing of people and time – I have come to greatly value my time away from time. I have come to love the mystery of sleep and the time it generously affords me of myself.

After some curious investigation – the reasons for sleep are as numerous as the nights of our lives. Each day’s struggle offers new inspiration for sleep, rest and meditation. My time asleep the whole world disappears and I am afforded respite from tired days. Sleep is full of experience. And although I often do not remember my dreams, I know like childhood these are experiences which I will have and which will stay with me as an integral part of my life.

Nile Threads